Polyester Thread

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95 products

Versatile Polyester Threads at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

Polyester Thread is one of the most versatile thread options available for any sewer. The slight elasticity of the polyester fibers gives Polyester Threads just the right amount of strength and stretch to help prevent thread breakage and fraying for superior sewability.

Strong, flexible, and colorfast, Polyester Thread is the ideal all-purpose thread, suitable for a wide variety of sewing applications. Medium-weight polyester threads are the preferred choice for many sewers as a general-use sewing thread for garment sewing, bag sewing, and much more. In lighter weights, polyester threads can be used in a bobbin or as a blind stitch thread—they’re even strong and smooth enough to use in a serger! In heavier weights, Polyester Threads have enough strength for heavy duty and upholstery applications. Because of their colorfastness and smooth appearance, Polyester Threads are also a great choice for embroidery and topstitching. Browse all styles of Polyester thread by use, weight, brand and more at WAWAK Sewing Supplies to find the perfect thread match for your sewing projects.