Zippers For Bag Construction

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Bag Zippers For Every Style of Bag.

Take your bags to the next level with a quality-made Bag Zipper from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Bag Zippers are available in Metal, Nylon Coil, and Metallic Nylon Coil. Metal Zippers are available in several elegant finishes including Antique Brass, Antique Nickel, Brass, and Nickel. Metal Zippers offer durability and a high-end, classic finish, but they are less flexible than Nylon Coil Zippers. Nylon Coil offers greater flexibility and horizontal strength, plus a wide variety of color options. For the best of both worlds, check out our Metallic Nylon Coil Zippers, Nylon Coil Zippers with a finish that mimics a metallic look. Want to customize your zipper pull? Choose from our large selection of Zipper Sliders, with options for a wide variety of finishes to match any zipper style. Bag Zippers are non-separating, so they have a closed end at the bottom. Choose from a wide variety of colors and lengths to find the perfect closure for your handbag or other bag projects.